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Kate Leopold



If you are an aspiring Singer or an established Vocal Artist and have a question about private vocal-training at Boettner Vocal Studios with award-winning music artist and instructor Andrew Boettner please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon possible. Or call us at 949-645-9368. Remember it is never too late to get started singing or to improve! Whether you are a seasoned performer or first timer, contact Andy Boettner and find out how to “become the singer you’ve always wanted to be!”

“I’m continually inspired through working with amazing people like Dave and Kieran and feel motivated to lead our band on this musical path as the next steps unfold.”

“I would also love to encourage and inspire other people to find their voice and do what makes them happy.”

Kate Leopold.

Excerpt Gold Coast Music Awards.


Begiiner to Advanced


Contemporary, Rock, Blues, Jazz.



Songwriting, Performance, Recording.




Mariah was born in Minnesota and moved to Idaho in middle school. She began playing piano in first grade, singing in choirs and playing viola in sixth, and private vocal lessons in ninth. 

Our rigorous courses emphasize vocal technique, thorough ear training, fluency in harmony, accurate pitch, stylistic phrasing, songwriting, and repertoire selection.


Does this sound like YOU...?  


"l only want to learn the songs l like"

"l already play a musical instrument but want to learn how to sing or improve my singing"


l write lyrics and would like to learn about songwriting theory"


"l already sing but would love to learn how to sing harmonies so l can sing with other musicians and friends"


"l can sing or l feel l have a bit of a voice and would like to boost my confidence to sing in front of people"


"l have had singing lessons in the past but had problems singing in time"


"l really want to increase my vocal range and power"


"l don't want to be bothered with theory and scales l just want to sing for fun without any pressure".

           WHAT  WILL l LEARN?


Just some of the things you will learn are:


How to go through several octaves without        damaging your vocal cords.


How the voice works.


How to use vocal exercises without tension.


About the head voice and chest voice and how to combine them  seamlessly.


How to inject emotion into your vocals.


Microphone technique.

" There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be ."

- John Lennon.


Kates  experience is diverse -  As a Teacher, Live Performer and Recording  Musician.


Reasonable rates.

Premium singing lessons 100% customised to your taste.

Rock School weekly jams/rock band classes (optional).

Convenient location and parking.

Dedicated Sound proofed and Air conditioned studios.

Registered Blue Card holder.

Fear commitment? No problem. Take advantage of the limited number of free trial lessons offered. 2 remaining free lessons available next week.

Click below for a FREE trial lesson

Limited time only.

This is a great place to learn how to Sing!

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