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Anna ives


Anna has helped countless beginners and pro's achieve their own particular goals.


A highly reputable and skilled Singing teacher on the Gold Coast covering all aspects of vocals and performance such as, technique, songwriting theory, improvisation and live performance.


Anna has an extensive career history as:

-Singing teacher. 

-International performer, session singer and recording artist.


Career overview: 

Anna is a professional Music Educator, Vocal coach and Piano Teacher on the Gold Coast
who has extensive teaching and performing experience in Australia and overseas.

Over the last twenty years Anna has been teaching Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone Classroom music and Drama in various schools and privately, both in Australia and overseas including New York.

Anna has also worked in several Australian bands as well as touring Bands & as Solo performer (piano/vocalist ) in Japan and Europe. 


Whilst living in New York Anna also acted in several Broadway Productions.

Anna has had the opportunity to work with students from many different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds which has given her a wealth of knowledge and unique experience on a global platform. 

Combined alternating lessons.

As she is so multitalented, Anna represents exceptional value for her students. You can learn all these instruments (Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone and Drama ) for the price of a singing lesson. For example one week you may choose to have your singing lesson followed by a piano lesson the following week.



Key Strengths: 


  •  Relates well to students of various ages, abilities and socio-economic circumstances.

  •  Passionate and compassionate motivator, with a good sense of humour.


  •  Flexible and adaptable in implementing different pedagogies and

        approaches to reach a desired outcome.

  • Strong musical composition and arranging skills which can be implemented when directing Contemporary Pop, Rock & group Ensembles.


Tours, International & Major social events include:

  • Bowery Ballroom New York City

  • Sang with a Soul band  at  The Armoury and several other bars in Bleeker St.

  • The Brazil Bar in Dresden, Germany.

  • Palace Hotel in Tokyo.Japan.







  • Graduate Certificate in Music Studies Pedagogy; Jazz Voice Griffith University Qld  ( 2014 ).


  •  Bachelor of Education in Music (Secondary) Melbourne University

        Institute of Education (1992 )

  •  Teaching methods Classroom Music and E.S.L, Voice and Piano.

Anna's teaching method works with  helping students discover their own voice rather than moulding them into something they are not. 

Anna's extensive live performance career both here at home and internationally has culminated in a wealth of experience and insights into the real world of music and performance on a global scale that is a huge bonus for her student's. A highly effective teacher that gets results.





Beginner to Advanced


Contemporary, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Rap, Rnb, Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz. Country, Worship songs, Hillsong. 



  • Songwriting. 

  • Performance.

  • Recording ( Offers Pro tools Recording software Audio Training ).

  • Drama.

  • Can play Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion, Saxophone and Clarinet as second instruments.

  • Intensive Vocal/Stagecraft preparation for Audition's, Competitions or TV shows such as "The Voice"

Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you’re making it for a good reason. -


​            WHAT WILL I LEARN

  • How to sing in different genres.

  • Breathing

  • How to get your full vocal range with

        chest voice.

  • Speech quality voice lower register and clean high register.

  • Falsetto/Vibrato.

  • Twang/Belt.

  • Pedagogy:

  • Voice anatomy

  • How to warm up the voice.

  • How to engage a crowd.

  • Holding notes.

  • How to belt without losing your voice.

  •  How to scat or improvise. 

  •  How to overcome Vocal difficulties and what is blocking you.

  • How to maintain your pitch, timing and dynamics.

  •  How to go through several octaves without damaging your vocal cords.

  • Speech level singing.

  • How to sing high notes without tension.

  • VCE contemporary voice exams, AMEB or Anzca Exams. ( Optional )

  •  About the head voice and chest voice and how to combine them  seamlessly.

  • How to inject emotion into your vocals.

  •  Microphone technique.

  • How to overcome stage fright and nerves.

  • Stagecraft.


  • " I draw on vocal exercises and concepts which I have learnt from my vocal pedagogy course at Griffith University.

  • Some vocal exercises I have learnt from Per Bristow, along with some drama exercises for maintaining focus and overcoming any anxiety around performing on stage. I use modelling as a way of explaining certain elements inherent in a particular genre, for example:

  •  Using more ‘twang’ when singing a pop tune and

  •  Open rounder vowel sounds for Classical and Musical Theatre repertoire. 

  •  When teaching contemporary repertoire, you need to include twang, growls, scatting and more use of a higher “chest sound”.

  • You would usually need a lot of dexterity with fills and trills if you were singing a Beyonce or Ariana Grande Ballad. 

  •  Similarly, if you are singing a jazz tune you need to be
    able to play with the melody and also just scat over the head.

  •  If you are belting out a soul/rock tune
    then you really need an open throat and include more speech level singing so that you can have a rougher “edge” to your sound. 

  •  Country music needs a lot of twang, and 

  • Rhythm and Blues need to lock into the groove so that you keep the feel. 

  • No matter what style you are singing though, you try to keep your muscles as relaxed as possible especially tongue and throat.

  • I am also curious about the many ways that different people learn and what blocks them from learning. I sometimes feel that with singing you are just enabling individuals to let go of anything blocking their true self. Once this is done most people can sing clearly and in tune and with expression.

  • What I have learnt through structured courses is helpful for teaching singing, especially the anatomy side of singing with the work we covered in the pedagogy course at Griffith University.

  • Over the years I have had the opportunity undertake various teaching roles including: Private singing tuition teaching current top 40, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, and all the old classics.

  • Conducting and accompanying large Choirs, 

  •  Cabaret and Acapella groups, 

  •  Conducting various community concerts.


  • School productions such as; High School Musical, The Wiz, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd and Glee.

   Does this sound like YOU...?  


* "l only want to learn the songs l like"

* "l already play a musical instrument but want to learn how to sing or improve my singing"


* "l write lyrics and would like to learn about songwriting theory"


* "l already sing but would love to learn how to sing harmonies so l can sing with other musicians and friends"


* "l can sing or l feel l have a bit of a voice and would like to boost my confidence to sing in front of people"


* "l have had singing lessons in the past but had problems singing in time"


* "l really want to increase my vocal range and power"


* "l don't want to be bothered with theory and scales l just want to sing for fun without any pressure".

* "I have a song in my heart but a block in my head. I just need someone to help me get it out".

* "I just want to sing at our upcoming wedding, or special event".

* "I have an important upcoming vocal audition and need some professional objective advice and tips."



Choose the songs you would like to sing.  All styles 


Lessons are customised  to your taste. Anna transcribes tracks directly from recording's so bring your iphone along.

" There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be ."

- John Lennon.


Trusted music school since 1997.

Anna's  experience is diverse -  As a Teacher, Live Performer and Recording  Musician.


Reasonable rates.

Premium singing lessons 100% customised to your taste.

Rock School weekly jams/rock band classes (optional).

Convenient location and parking.

Dedicated Sound proofed and Air conditioned studios.

Registered Blue Card holder.


Anna is another level. You don't need to go into detail  about what your vocal struggles are, as she will pick up on them in the first 30 seconds. I was struggling with getting a decent vibrato on the end of my notes. Anna gave me several Vibrato exercises that worked a treat. Surprisingly by the fourth lesson I was achieving vibrato to the point that, in my excitement you could not shut me up. I can see now that it's her deep understanding of the Anatomy of the voice and her way of explaining it to me that made it fall into place so quickly. It's not just a case of saying "do this" as several of my singing teachers in the past have done. She is by far the best singing teacher I have had.


Zoe Xandra.

Main Beach.


I was curious about  the Speech Level Singing technique. On a friend's recommendation I booked some lessons with Anna. We have been studying this technique for a year now and I can say that my range has improved vastly. Also the tone of my voice is much nicer now. A great teacher - Very experienced and fun to be around.

Dylan Fielding. Student. Singer.

Mermaid Waters.

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