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Dezi K


Dezi has helped countless beginners and pro's achieve their own particular goals.


A highly reputable and skilled teacher covering all aspects of vocals and performance such as, technique, songwriting theory, improvisation and live performance.


Dezi has an extensive career history as:

-Singing teacher. 

-International performer, session singer and recording artist.


Tours, International & local positions held include:


  • Vocalist on " The Voice" 2019.

  • Performed with Guy Sebastion 2018.


  • Michael Jackson Tribute band Africa Durban.


  • CrownHotel China - Shenzhen,  


  • Jakarta Tiga Pulu Club Hotel (6month residency).


  • Marrakesh Marocco 5 Star Hotel ( 6month residency).


  • Bangkok Club ( 6month residency).

  • 5 Star Hotel residencies China & Middle East​ - Toured for 5 years.

  • Regular residencies at Great Keppel Island, Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island. 


Major social events include:

  • State of Origin performances.


  • Opening for Brisbane International Airport

  • Lord Mayer's Xmas Carols several years running.


  •  Bronco's dinner launching players 2018.

  •  Bundaberg Rum Festival.

Dezi K.



Dezi Graduated 1999- 2004 Queensland Conservatorium Of Music with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz/Contemporary Vocals

Dezi has over 20 years of teaching experience including vocal teacher at Clayfield College.

Dezi's teaching method works with  helping students discover their own voice rather than moulding them into something they are not. 

Dezi's extensive live performance career has culminated in a wealth of experience and insights into the real world of music and performance that is a huge bonus for for her students. A highly effective teacher that gets results.





Beginner to Advanced


Contemporary, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Rap, Rnb, Funk, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz. Country, Worship songs, Hillsong.



Songwriting, Performance, Recording.

Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you’re making it for a good reason. -


        Does this sound like YOU...?  


"l only want to learn the songs l like"

"l already play a musical instrument but want to learn how to sing or improve my singing"


l write lyrics and would like to learn about songwriting theory"


"l already sing but would love to learn how to sing harmonies so l can sing with other musicians and friends"


"l can sing or l feel l have a bit of a voice and would like to boost my confidence to sing in front of people"


"l have had singing lessons in the past but had problems singing in time"


"l really want to increase my vocal range and power"


"l don't want to be bothered with theory and scales l just want to sing for fun without any pressure".

  • Vocal Posture

  • Breathing

  • How to get your full vocal range with

        chest voice.

  • Speech quality voice lower register and clean high register.

  • Falsetto range.

  • Twang/Belt.

  • Tongue Placement.

  • Articulation.

  • Vowel shapes.

  • Vocal colouring

  • How to direct a song vocally

  • Pedagogy: Learning muscles inside that are working while using difference singing techniques.

  • How to read a vocal chart

  • How to warm up the voice

  • How to keep the voice healthy

  • Learning about oro,nazo pharynx

  • How to mix your own voice

  • Skills on how to perform and work a crowd

  • How to hold long notes.

  • How to get colours for a rock voice healthy.

  • How to be able to sing any style and sound good at it.

  • Learn how to belt and not loose your voice.

  • Teach soft onset, simultaneous flow fonation and glottal attack.

  • If a rapper, how to accent on words to make it flow.

           WHAT  WILL l LEARN?



Choose the songs you would like to sing.  All styles 


Lessons are customised  to your taste. Dezi transcribes tracks directly from recording's so bring your iphone along.

" There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be ."

- John Lennon.


Dezi's  experience is diverse -  As a Teacher, Live Performer and Recording  Musician.


Reasonable rates.

Premium singing lessons 100% customised to your taste.

Rock School weekly jams/rock band classes (optional).

Convenient location and parking.

Dedicated Sound proofed and Air conditioned studios.

Registered Blue Card holder.


"Apart from being an amazing singer Dezi is a seasoned veteran in the real world. Her many years of stage experience became very apparent to me from the first lesson.  Dezi instills confidence with her patient and nurturing approach. l have come such a long way through her expert guidance and highly recommend her."



Lisa Robinson.  

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